Committed to Sustainability, Transparency and our Communities.

Creating sustainable investments

At Icona Capital we believe that an excellent investment must be a sustainable one. We remain committed to creating a better future, one where we strive to positively make an environmental impact in everything we do. By investing in green energy, our aim is to create investment vehicles that will be part of a brighter, more sustainable future. One where we can play an active role in tackling the climate crisis.

We believe in:

  • Green Energy
  • Energy efficiency through all processes and in all business
  • A reduction in GHG emissions

Responsibility, accountability and transparency

Our strict compliance to local and global regulations and laws underpins all our business strategies. Our team is committed to responsible, accountable and transparent business practices that build trust and respect.

We believe in:

  • Anti-corruption compliance
  • Data security
  • Human rights engagement
  • Transparent accounting and business management
  • Board accountability
  • Responsible supply chains

Communities and our people

Icona Capital values equality and inclusion – whether focused on our own team or engaged with the wider communities our investments will benefit. As a company we strive to support the health and wellbeing of our staff, as we encourage and nurture their career development. We also know that by putting local communities at the heart of our commercial strategies, and listening to what they need and want, we can deliver the most beneficial outcome for all.

We believe in:

  • Inclusion and equality
  • Ongoing training and career support
  • Work/life balance
  • Working with communities


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