Icona Capital Boosts its Liquid Strategy Fund with an Additional £100 Million

London, United Kingdom,

Icona Capital announces a further £100 million in funding dedicated to strengthening its liquid strategy.

Liquid strategy, led by Roberto Giacalone, Global Head of Liquid Strategy at Icona Capital, plays a pivotal role in the company’s investment approach. With this additional funding, Icona Capital is positioned to expand its investment initiatives, capitalising on market trends and opportunities.

Giacalone said: “We are excited to deploy these funds to further strengthen our liquid strategy. In today’s dynamic financial environment, it is imperative to have a robust and expertly managed strategy in place. It will allow us to enhance our capabilities and remain agile in seizing opportunities as they arise.”

Characterised by responsiveness, Icona Capital’s liquid strategy positions the company to navigate the evolving financial landscape and achieve superior results in the market.

About Icona Capital

Icona Capital Group (www.iconacapital.com) is an alternative investment company with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that operates in various sectors, including Data Centres, Real Estate, Credit, and the Financial Sector. The company’s investment strategies are grounded in thorough research, in-depth first-hand knowledge, and the ability to efficiently implement strategies to maximise the greatest return potential.

With a keen eye on emerging opportunities and a highly skilled and coordinated team, Icona Capital’s activities stretch across Europe, covering different key capabilities.

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